Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At the beach


Katie said...

Hi! I found your blog through Knotty by Nature (I live in Victoria)... your pieces are SO beautiful!! Do you sell your work anywhere??? I scoured your blog looking for an email address or other contact information but don't see any...

Caroline Blechert said...

Oh! Thank you! :)
That's always great to hear!
I put my jewelery on pause for a while there, but it's pretty much back in action now that im back up north! I'm hoping to collect more traditional materials from the locals in town.
The only place as of yet that carries my work is Knotty by Nature. They have a few quill bracelets i think still.
But i'll also be moving back to Victoria sometime in the fall! I'd be happy to go for tea and show more of my pieces if you like.
Definetly feel free to email me~